My Poetry

For anyone who is interested, I will update this page with various poems that i have written. They can also be found over on a blogspot page.


Sometimes at night
i cry for who i wished you were
and i pretend that there’s
a hope in hell
that you do the same.

i guess some things aren’t made
for this lifetime
but the stars still draw us
further away

and no moon can turn the tide
and any ocean i cross
will never take me any closer
to you

Dying World:

Staring into the sun
it’s too far in the distance
to burn anymore.
Not like anyone would know
scars fade into the shadows
or wherever they’re buried.

when even the streets
feel like they’ve given way
to the gloom

as much sense as it makes
all we could do
was take down more and more bridges
keep the curtains drawn
at night
so you can stay cloistered
from the dying world.

Lust Poem:

No way out
carrying the crucifix of lust
and looking out
for one calm face
in the unknowing crowd.

I’m pretending to notice or care
spying on the dionysian frenzy
where, just like most places
you’re never more than 10ft
away from a rat.

How many more lighthouses
will go by?
Falling into the far distance
vanishing in the gloom.


Locked in a goodbye

Creativity used
as a means to an end
is the way it seems at times.

Sowing seeds of music
in the air
Maybe the storm
will be on our side
this time.


Pretend you don’t care at all
it’s easy when you try
untill you fall to sleep again
and you know you’re still alone

They try to pry apart their lives
like razors against a window
another dead love
on a summer night.


I can feel the burning
pulling me back
right now.
It’s gathering,
maybe outside my window
or in the corners of the room
somewhere between here
and tomorrow
or the next minute
even as i try to write about it.

There are few limits
to how far you can be taken

but when you stay in the ashes
it won’t burn
as much.

Question the illusion:

(Were you even real?)

Come back.
Sometimes i don’t know myself.

if nothing more
i write this as a message
It’s like spellcasting
or so they say.

If i’ve crossed the line
of insanity
at least you’ll meet me there
as you did the
first time.

Your form from above me
both of us
through the tempest
in the oceans of my mind
and the body
of your thoughts.

I’ll try to go
beneath the concious
It’s far too busy
out here
to pay attention.


Upon a dim twlight
the new sun beacons.
Follow us

the age of freedom
a wasp
moving slowly through the
summer air.

Its hidden spirit
at four paths,
with their past.
Who can read
the dreams of the dead?
a novel.


In the scattered shards
secret honesty revealed
an owl takes flight
but the hours too late.

He knows that he’s silent
when the ghosts wont depart.
The waters are eternal
through the lens of a dream.

Come to me through altered egos
or wish me into sleep
take what you always wanted
now you know that i’m too weak.

Time stays of the essence
but you know i’d love to wait
in the midst of your crying eyes
i’ll vanish in your flames.

Sorrow take this dagger:

I thought it would never happen
and i know that i’m the one to blame
to let sorrow take the dagger
and ask torment to take his aim

But i lost the reasons i waited
in the time that i wished to kill
i hope you find what you wanted
through the missing years of hell

Darkness rises on the crossroads
but your soul still claws at mine
a stranger reaching the edge of town
wanders aimlessly for a sign

To Be:

Thrilled to be back.
like the scavenger on the
footpath, vital and golden.

Do you have faith in your destiny?
“Its been a long day out here”
He replies.

Sunset falls, and
fortune fills the air
birdsong, singing
our dreams, flying
to faces in the clouds.

Getting Worse:

Getting worse,
out of touch.
Splinters of thoughts
tear and scar deeper
as i try to remove them.

Right now
it’s comforting,
in its way.
when you’re too far gone to care.
Without having to face
the letter i never sent
or the places you’ll never see.

There is nothing left to say
and yet
i still

Apricot Tea:

I’m waiting at a window seat
drinking apricot tea
and seeing people who are gathered
in the unusual heat of
march the 1st.

I look across at a balcony
and someone is being talked at
or interviewed
and it looks like they want out
as much as i do.

The only difference is
they can’t write about it
right now.

I wonder how many of these people
are pretending to be busy too.

I guess someone always
has to be on the attack
In conversation, writing
or otherwise.


in vain the flowers blooming
as the scarlet moon will rise
emptyness sends its shiver
our memories cast aside

Am i speaking to a lover?
as whispers crowd the air
or praying at the alter?
as joy turns to despair

with the leaves of autumn weeping
your presence never lasts
the present lives a lifetime
in memories of the past.

The one i never knew:

I’ll be gone as first light
lifts away the veil
of the freest surrender
that i’d ever know

Ashes fall from heaven
and lust will pay its debt
lured by her desire
and trapped by my regret

No prayer need be answered
to give the gift she took away
blue jewels blur the starlight
and red i’ll dye the rain

She’s covered by the embers
and will vanish like the dew
my guilt will burn to nothing
for the one i never knew.


4am fallout
Echoes that gather pace
to become ideas you’d
rather forget

Scorned beauty.
A torn image
taken over the horizon,
to be thrown into the sun.


Prisoner of the mind
asking for time in the silk
sun of youth.

Thinking of a fallen era
when fate spun secret webs.
Narrating chapters before
they were written
and lost in simple existance
led astray in the garden.

Fragmented image:

I couldn’t tell you how much it burns
as another man’s shadow in your flames
as our twilight dawns upon the dusk
there’s a choice that you’ll never make

I couldn’t say, if i knew you before
i’ll never see the madness you know
as a passing thought grips me for a day
a lifetime will pass, before i’m torn away.

You know i said i’d die for you
but i never thought it would be alone
as winter came like your frozen love
forever departed, from a story untold.

And a curse closes in
around the blind choices i made
as hope loses its impact
and i wait another day.

Ways Out:

Left behind from my past life, ways out that will never come
Yes they will, i know they will, the end will come undone.

A voice within the looking glass, a hollow window frame
Used by my own broken dreams , never to explain.

Wishing, i could be with you and my momentary bliss
vanquished by the light of dawn and an imaginary kiss.

Somewhere a world away we meet under the stars
somewhere in a non existant day, our love is truely ours.

Light can’t reach:

Living every day with you nowhere to be seen.
The sunlight forces its way inside here
there’s still that everpresent void
that space here, where the light can’t reach.

It still falls down besides me
falls around the place of you
the burning light of morning
always dies away too soon.

You changed my life this morning
but it’s never changed enough
illusion always tempts me
a way that only you could

Maybe we need to be killed
to ever learn how to live.
Well i’ve died a thousand times
right here where the light can’t reach.

Tide of time:

A child of nightmare, waking dream
Makes her way into the starlight blossom
the ghost runs free in a new morning

as the tide covers the darkness
to wash our cities free
the ghost rides across the skyline
and surrenders herself to the voyage.

Night Sky:

Stare up at the night sky
she’ll stand beneath the lights
that moon shines through the clouds,
like a torch behind velvet
or the glow of a cigarette through the smoke
cast from somewhere beyond

It drenches through the empty streets
like rain through the gutters
and washes right over my thoughts.


There is a chance for better
as the two lovers agree she looks
back at the other and smiles
as the thorns dive in for shelter.

Same one who took you
will take it all away,
thinking, caring, loving,
choice, show us how to die.

Slaves teach false hope
too far in the dark waters
and too scared to turn back.

Indigo plains in the blind bleakness of freedom
give all you ever wanted.

clear of the liars, the myths
She looks to him and smiles

He smiles back


Waiting for nothing,
expecting a few more minutes to last forever.
Awake at night in fear, closed off
probably better this way,
Waiting forever.
Maybe i still need more time

To stay holding the people off
holding off the dawn
wasting time.


Winter passage:

Passage of time, how many months has it been?
A few hours? years?
Winter is setting in, no lasting promise
A few short hours between hope and apathy
Surrounded, the endless unknown visitors
The unseen ritual begins, loud and scorched and mad
thrown from the ether, torn from agony.
More obvious than anything else, right here.
Did you miss it?

Can you see the beauty in the bleakness?
Repititon, archetype, passage of time
when we’re the same weird creatures as we ever were.

Winter passage without desire
a cry for a lie for a promise
under the pillars of logic
riding the free icy wings of destiny.

Cold chill:

Desire looked for me here
but i made it too easy
to take a risk.
They don’t treat it as important
the slow fall into hopelessness
being free but in your prison
with sleep being the only escape.
Something went wrong.

Alone and staying alone.
it isn’t taught
or talked of,
death by wanting out
or death by staying around.
The cold chill as time passes
in an empty room.


Hardest impact you’ll ever feel causes
bleeding they can’t see.
The teardrop in the hurricane
and all your options limited

Cast a shadow to your lifetime
No instruction, no logic,
there never was, will you ever know?
She’ll stand in her own shadow

You can stay confined by illusion.
Stay sheltered from the rain of freedom
or stay out, forget your own
Embrace the night and inflict its terrors.
Will you miss the rising of our other stars?
Your own dawn, your ticket to the ride.

Another person:

Becoming a figment
of my imagination.
A lost reflection in
the hall of mirrors

self parodying

it has got me
this far.

This ineffable
truth to live by.

I hit the brick
Again and again

Chasing a Dream:

I was thanked for who i was
not who i wished to be
on nightingales wings
i’m still chasing the dream

I tightened the noose
around the neck of the past
when our future was formed
the song wouldn’t last

I was living on lies
but you didn’t care
my imagined persona
More important than theirs

and they banned all my books
before i learned how to read
but i deciphered a title
‘still chasing a dream’

i cast a glimmer of light
on the lost art of love
a chance to address
all i misunderstood

but it wouldn’t last
and I’ll never see
you’re love and your letters
torn apart at the seams

with darkness departed
the signs become clear
you’re all which i wanted
but never got near

still i whisper her name
through maze of the streets
but it gets lost in translation
while I’m chasing the dream

Death Grip:

Death grip
It is the only way to get
anyone to listen.
At least in these times
and i have nothing more to say.
Washed up, burned out
again and again and not around
enough for you to notice.
If you knew what i thought
you’d have all ditched this
and me a long time ago.

We do not match up
and we never have.

Don’t take it personally:

again, things can not rest.
They can’t rest.
Trapped by things
that i can’t alter, things
that have been deemed as good.

There is sometimes more misery
within the good
than all the bad
could ever give you in your
wildest dreams.

And when it’s handed to you
you’ll accept it with a smile
and walk away, and they feel good
and you feel good, for a while.


And being alone, laying in your bed
is deemed as bad, by the good people
i guess they want to help fix the bad
of the world.


Strangers smiling at strangers,
Awake to the inner beast
All fears met with callous intentions
cherished, for a breif instance
ships in the night

Too deep to think, too dark to listen
to empty to care about
Buy a big car, that’s what i want
and some island.

Letter i never sent:

I’m writing this now with no intention to send.
When your head hurts, you’ve been out drinking and so on, there comes a time you need to get things off your mind,
and this is my way of doing so.
Earlier on i typed out a message and i did not send that either.
You mean so much to me but i can’t see you and i probably never will be able to.
I wish things could be different, i really do wish that could happen but it can’t.
now it tells me i am at the word limit, i’m sorry it has to be this way.


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